Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing Kickstarter!


Help bring The Dungeon Alphabet back in a deluxe 4th printing! One of the most popular titles ever released by Goodman Games and a precursor to the design elements that would eventually make DCC RPG so popular, The Dungeon Alphabet is a book of dungeon inspiration that blends creative writing and inspirational art. Every RPG enthusiast, whether player or judge, will find their minds abuzz after reading this book.

We’ve launched a short-duration Black Friday Kickstarter to fund a 4th printing of The Dungeon Alphabet in a hardcover. Since we’re running this Kickstarter over Black Friday, we are also offering a 40% discount! During this campaign the book is priced at $12, but only during this Kickstarter. After the Kickstarter it will return to its list price of $20.

The 4th printing is expanded with 16 pages of brand new content, making the new edition a total of 80 pages. Depending on stretch goals, we may be able to add deluxe printing features like a sewn-in bookmark, cloth binding, and possibly even a leatherbound edition!



Author: pandabrett

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