Halloween Has Arrived!


The holiday might not get here until October 31st, but you can pick up the true spirit of the holiday today. The new DCC Halloween Module 2017: Shadow Under Devil’s Reef is now available in a print+PDF bundle!

Shadow Under Devil’s Reef takes your players through a raging storm around Devil’s Reef that is nigh-impossible to navigate safely, and has them trying to save Princess Kaeko from faraway Fu-Lamia. If they rescue her, unimaginable wealth awaits, but the strange frog-like monsters who have washed ashore closely resemble the crew of her ship, The Royal Dawn. Leaving them to wonder what horrors await them on this isolated island?

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, author Jon Hook creates a moody, atmospheric adventure that is sure to put you in the Halloween mood. Or, even better, get it and use it to prepare for a Halloween night crawl, decorating your gaming room to match the setting of the adventure! The mastermind behind it, Jon Hook, has long been an aficionado of Lovecraft’s work, as is displayed by his Miskatonic University Podcast and multiple Age of Cthulhu releases. He also was responsible for creating DCC stats for a number of Lovecraft’s most-feared monsters in this year’s Gen Con Program Guide.

Let your fear rise. The nightmare is all around you, so give in to it. Pick up your copy of DCC 2017 Halloween Module: Shadow Under Devil’s Reef print + PDF bundle today, and let the holiday of horror begin!


Author: pandabrett

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