Art Folios Now On Sale!

DCC-Artist-Folios-Now-On-SaleAt Gen Con we had the pleasure of hosting William McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Peter Mullen, and Stefan Poag in our booth. Many of you had the chance to meet them in person, get their autographs, and purchase original art from them. It was a great experience for everyone involved, leaving tons of fans happy, and it could have ended right there.

It didn’t, though. Because of our love of these artists and their art, we also published expanded art folios for each of these creators. They were a huge hit at Gen Con, and we think you’ll still appreciate them now. A limited quantity of these art folios are left over from Gen Con, and we have now made them available in our online store. Each portfolio spans the years that these artists have contributed to Goodman Games, and even contain interviews with them about their work. Pictures and words? How can you say no?

Don’t delay! Limited edition art folios are now on sale in our online store by William McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Peter Mullen, and Stefan Poag! Buy now while supplies last!


Author: pandabrett

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