Gen Con Team Tourney Info! Revealing, The GONG!

Gen-Con-DCC-Team-TournamentFor the first time in five years, Goodman Games is running a team tournament. We are proud to bring you The Dungeon Crawl Classics Gen Con Team Tournament!

This is a good thing. And here is where we give you the details.

First, the basics: This year’s elimination-style tournament will take place over three rounds with the first round games scheduled for Thursday and Friday. The top three scoring teams from the first round will advance to the second round on Saturday, and the top two teams from round two will advance to the finals held on Sunday morning. Scoring information will be posted at both the Goodman Games web site and a leaderboard at the booth for players to check to see which teams advance.

If you are one of the lucky folks participating in this year’s tournament, we have some very important things you need to know!

  • Get ready for The Gong of Doom! Every time a PC dies, the gong shall announce it!
  • The tournament kickoff is 8:30 AM on Thursday morning. Be there for the official pronouncements that the tournament has begun! (ICC, rooms 125-128) Immediately afterward we’ll launch right into round one.
  • The official awards ceremony is Sunday at 2:00 PM at the booth. Be there to learn which team has won!
  • We need your help with the Procession of the Gong! Sunday afternoon we have to move The Gong of Doom from the gaming area to the booth. It must be a solemn procession, conducted in accordance with the ancient rituals of the Gong Cult. If you’d like to join the procession, assemble in the tournament area (ICC rooms 125-128) at 1:00 PM on Sunday. When all have assembled, the procession will begin.
  • Most importantly: READ THE PLAYER PACK! The Player Pack outlines all the rules and regulations for the tournament, and also includes the pre-generated characters you’ll use in the game. You’ll need to know this information if you intend to do well in the tournament, so study up! No need to bring printouts to the con, as printed copies will be provided.

Goodman Games has long had a reputation for running grand events at Gen Con. Our tournaments strive to bring out the best in fun and adventure for everyone who participates. And, the winners are always rewarded. Winners of this year’s tournament will have their names immortalized for all to admire and envy. Are you and your handpicked team of reavers up to the challenge? It is time to prepare. The Gong is sounding, and Gen Con approaches!




Gen Con is August 17-20 in Indianapolis. We look forward to seeing you there!


Author: pandabrett

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