DCC Scratch Off KS Enters Final Weekend!

DCC-Scratch-Off-Character-Sheets-KickstarterIt’s…THE FINAL WEEKEND!

Duh duh dunh dunnnnnh…duh duh dunh dunh dunh duh!

Okay, sorry. I couldn’t help it. But we are entering the final weekend of the DCC Scratch Off Character Sheet Kickstarter! Imagine not having to roll up a stack of character to run through your 0-level funnel! We are there to make this a reality. Using scratch-off technology, these pre-generated character sheets allow you to use a coin or any other edged item to scratch off the details and get your game going in a matter of seconds. Each pack comes shrink-wrapped with a stack of character sheets that are ready to go.

Artist Stefan Poag has painted a full-color border to illustrate the character sheets. In true Stefan style the border is a real “old-school” look with an homage to classic D&D tropes. Every sheet will be printed with this border, with the actual character sheet contained within.

This is the final weekend to get involved. If you’ve been sitting on your hands waiting to make a decision, it’s now go time! So go and pledge to get these items while you can!


Author: pandabrett

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