New Products Now Available!

DCC-Softcover-and-Quick-Start-RulesThere are two great new products now available! Both the DCC Softcover 2nd Printing, and the DCC Quick Start Rules are ready for purchase!

The first printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Softcover sold out in less than one year, and we are thrilled to have it back in stock. Everything that is in the hardcover is also inside this edition, but with a different, paperback cover. The DCC Softcover is the full 480-page rulebook at the sensational low price of only $24.99! Now that’s a fantastic deal!

If you have never tried DCC, and want to give it a try without making the full investment, then an even better deal awaits! The new Dungeon Crawl Classics Quick Start Rules have finally been released. These quick start rules are everything that you need to get started playing and progress you up to level 2. Not every detail from the core rulebook is in these, of course, but there is enough here to give you the full feel of the game and get you on the road to DCC addiction! (Warning: DCC addiction is only sort of real. Individuals suffering from it may exhibit signs of euphoria, glee, and old-time RPG gamefesting. Please tell your doctor—and the rest of your friends—if you suffer from DCC addiction. We want them addicted, too.)

So run on over to your FLGS (use our Retailer Locator!) or jump to our Online Store and grab yourself the latest in DCC goodness!


Author: pandabrett

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