Louisville Recap!

We told you we were coming! And now we have left Kentucky in a much better state of being.

Goodman Games was a towering beast at the Slur Your Role event at the Kaiju bar in Louisville Kentucky! We had a fantastic time at a amazingly cool venue, and along with Nerd Louisville raised more than $200 for local children. Special thanks to the Kaiju bar, organizer Jonathan Meadows, the Nerd Louisville crew, and all of the participants who came and made this such a fun and successful event!

We had a fantastic time at Heroes Comics in Louisville Kentucky. Twenty-nine brave adventurers dared to risk everything to discover the treasures that live behind the Hole in the Sea. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in this unique adventure – so unique that it might never be played again. Thank you heroes comics for having us, y’all have a fantastic shop and a great clientele!

And it would not be a trip to Kentucky without a stop at the world headquarters of precision randomizers, GameScience Dice! Brendan and Dieter managed to make their saving throws and not go insane being around so many incredible dice all in one place. Thanks to all the players who participated and who did such a good job defending the Inn at Five Points from great and terrible evil. Special thanks to James Means for being such an incredible host.

See you at Gen Con!

Author: pandabrett

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