MCC Dice Coming Soon!


The looming presence of Mutant Crawl Classics sits like the glow of fallout on the horizon. As it gets closer, more and more things will be coming out for the newest addition to the Goodman Games line up, and one of those things might be rolling up soon. (Rolling up. See what we did there?)

MCC-Dice-KilraMCC-Dice-GrakkMutant Crawl Classic Dice are coming soon! What does that mean? Well, it means that right now you can see what they look like, but eventually you will be able to add these beauties to your own collection. You can check out both Kilra’s Glow Dice and Grakk’s Rad Dice in our Coming Soon section right now! Grakk’s Rad Dice are a lovely radioactive green color, perfect for any mutant. And Kilra’s Glow Dice live up to their name and glow in the dark—which means they are already mutated themselves.


Author: pandabrett

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