New Items In Our Online Store!

At Goodman Games, we are always wanting to give you something new. And this week we have some fabulous new items for your enjoyment.

First up, we have a small selection remaining of the next iteration of our Atari-Inspired DCC T-Shirts. These shirts were previously only available at North Texas RPG Con and Origins Game Fair, but there are a handful (re: get them quick!) of shirts leftover if you want to pick one up. These will not be around for long, so do not delay.

For collectors and our Spanish-speaking fans we have two new adventures that have been translated into Spanish by one of our overseas partners. Both DCC #68: The People of the Pit and DCC #66.5: The Doom of the Savage Kings have been translated for a new audience!

Finally, we haveĀ Dispatches From Raven Crowking, Vol. IV. This editionĀ gives you the low-down on creating your own mega-dungeon! This great issue discusses the literary background of mega-dungeons (the beloved J.R.R. being one of the authors discussed), selecting themes and monsters to populate your dungeon, treasures and encounters, and a great list of evocative example areas that can give you ideas to confound, support, or help destroy would-be adventurers.

As you can see, this is a fantastic group to fill your need for something fabulous and new in the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics!



DCC-Savage-Kings-Spanish. DCC-People-Pit-Spanish



Author: pandabrett

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