Epsilon City Fans: Get Your Cyborg On!

MA-Epsilon-City-Cyborg-PCIf you haven’t had a chance to grab the new Epsilon City Boxed Set for Metamorphosis Alpha, you need to get on the ball and get it! This is an amazing piece of work, providing a richly detailed city set aboard the Warden ship. And along with that book, is the guide for creating a Cyborg character to play. If you are one of the folks who is playing a Cyborg, we’ve got a special treat for you: A fan-made Cyborg character sheet!┬áLester B. Portly created this sheet, and was willing to share it with all other Metamorphosis Alpha fans.

And if you still need to pick up your copy, Epsilon City is available at your FLGS and our online shop! Pick one up today!

And download your Cyborg character sheet here!


Author: pandabrett

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