DCC Funnel for Free RPG Day!

It’s less than two weeks until Free RPG Day hits on Saturday, June 17th! And we think this is a great time to introduce new folks to the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics. For many people, the zero-level funnel is the most exciting part of the game, and what better chance to show that off than at Free RPG Day? Why not contact your FLGS (and be sure to use our Retailer Locator if you don’t already have one you love) and offer to run DCC for Free RPG Day? Not only are you introducing new folks to the game you love, but if you sign up through our Road Crew, then you are entered in for a chance to Win a Free Trip To GenCon 2017!

If you aren’t sure which zero-level module you want to use, we can help there, too! Here’s a handy gallery of some of the best zero-level crawls out there, both from Goodman Games and some of our favorite third-party publishers. Go check them out!


Sailors On The Starless SeaSailors On The Starless Sea Author's EditionHole in the Sky
Hole in the Sky Sketch EditionFrozen In TimeFrozen in Time Sketch Edition
Frozen in Time Foil EditionThey Served Brandolyn RedNebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry
The Sunken City Omnibus SoftcoverHole in the Sky Sketch EditionThe Carnival of the Damned
Attack of the FrawgsGoblins of the Faerie WoodsDeath Slaves of Eternity
Through the Cotillion of HoursCrawl! Fanzine No. 9Escape From the Shrouded Fen

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