MomoCon Recap

Momocon=Brendan-LaSalleGoodman Games rocked the house at Momocon, bringing Dungeon Crawl Classics to the anime crowd and having a fantastic time. It was a great time filled with fifteen foot trolls, halfling-on-dwarf violence, and a lot of thrills and laughs.


We all had a blast at the convention, and got a chance to meet up with old and new fans alike. For everyone who stopped by the booth or came to a demo, we thank you from the bottom of our MomoCon official drinking bottle, and wave at you with the giveaway hand-fan. Thanks to all the organizers and participants. Big thanks to Deadpool, Harley Quinn, Steven Universe, and Negan from The Walking Dead, who enjoy the convention so much they all showed up seventeen times, each. You will see us again!

Author: pandabrett

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