Best-Selling DCC RPG Third Party Products

Did you know that independent authors can create their own DCC RPG products? Did you know you can buy these in our online store? Since we launched our new web site six months ago, the third party products have been some of the most popular items. Here is a best-sellers list so far! If you haven’t checked these out, you should!

#1:The Gongfarmer’s Almanac

Gongfarmer's Almanac 2015

Available in both 2015 and 2016 volumes. The Gongfarmer’s Almanac is a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Zine that is written, illustrated, edited and produced by the DCC RPG G+ Community.

#2: Carnival of the Damned


A band of villagers are trapped in a mist-shrouded carnival in the dead of night, facing death at every turn. Can they survive twisted oddities like the corpse-filled Tunnel of Love and the dreaded Bone Coaster?

#3: DCC RPG Reference Booklet

RPG Reference Booklet

A reference booklet with all the commonly-used charts from the DCC RPG. Features new cover art by Doug Kovacs and interior illustrations by Stefan Poag.

#4: Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between


Available in three separate editions: Hardcover, Dagon softcover, and Hecate softcover.

#5: Crawl! Fanzine issue #12


What is it about #12 that is so popular? We’re not sure, but the fans love it! The other issues are also very popular, especially #6, #11, and #1. Check out the complete list of Crawl! issues here.

#6: The God-Seed Awakens


As the god-seed grows, the world creeps closer to its doom.

#7: Crawljammer Presents: The Weird Worm-Ways of Saturn

Weird Worm-Ways of Saturn

In this DCC planetary crawl adventure by Daniel Bishop (Peril on the Purple Planet, Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror), adventurers must brave the surface of Saturn and covercome giant bloodworms, shimmer lizards, savage ape-men, and more!

#8: Into the Demon Idol

Demon Idol

Forgotten in a decrepit temple ruin, the demon idol holds a sinister secret.

#9: The Age of Undying

Age of Undying

This limited-edition supplement by the creator of the Crawljammer zine includes rules variants, class features, original monsters and more!

#10: Mind Games

Mind Games

DCC Rules for Psionics powers and those that use them

#11: Liber Arcanum

Liber Arcanum

The 300 page Book of Secrets, a treasure trove of new spells and patrons for Wizards and Elves.

(Why 11? Well there’s a bit of tie at one point!)

Author: pandabrett

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