Free TPK Tissues with Any Purchase!

TPK-Tissues-with-ordersAnother character death? Crying your eyes out? Well, we can help.

While supplies last, every paid physical order through our online store will be delivered with a free set of TPK tissues! And if you order more than $25 worth of product, we’ll give you a pack of TPK tissues for every $25 you order! These are real tissues that can be used to wipe your tears or blow your nose. They are great for when you’re playing DCC RPG and mourning the loss of yet another player character.

And may we recommend some great player-thrashing dungeons with which to enjoy these tissues? What better way to get the valves flowing than a 0-level funnel! Get your TPK tissues now by ordering one of these great 0-level adventures – or any other physical item in our online store!


Sailors On The Starless SeaSailors On The Starless Sea Author's EditionHole in the Sky
Hole in the Sky Sketch EditionFrozen In TimeFrozen in Time Foil Edition
Frozen in Time Sketch EditionGenCon 2015GenCon 2016
Escape From the Shrouded FenThey Served Brandolyn RedNebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry
The Sunken City Omnibus SoftcoverThe Sunken City Omnibus HardcoverThe Carnival of the Damned
Attack of the FrawgsGoblins of the Faerie WoodsDeath Slaves of Eternity
Through the Cotillion of HoursCrawl! Fanzine No. 9

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