Lankhmar Ends Tonight! The Final Countdown!

Last-Chance-DCC-LankhmarWell, now that we have that song stuck in your head… It’s the tail-end of the Lankhmar Kickstarter! There is no time to wait. You have hours to get in on the goodness that is Fritz Leiber’s masterpiece brought to the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

We are rapidly approaching every¬†stretch goal for the campaign, but we need your help to get to them all! We want to send Michael Curtis to Houston to research! We want to add a GM Screen! And we want to get the cloth map made! It’s up to you to get us there. Plus, remember that if you pledge at the $100 Print Pack level, you get printed versions of the modules (at no additional shipping cost) with gold-foil logos not available in stores! And let’s not forget the Rat Snake dice game add-on, which was previously only available as a GenCon exclusive. This is your chance to get that game before it is gone again!

The Lankhmar Kickstarter ends Tuesday night. This is your last chance to act, so do it now!

Author: pandabrett

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