Judge’s Guild Comes to Order

New-Judges-Guild-booksThe time has come to be judged! And by that we mean that at long last the Judge’s Guild Hardcover is now available both through our online store and at your local gaming store! This acclaimed volume collects over 280-pages of material from the original Judge’s Guild publications from the seventies. All of the material has been lovingly restored, and is replicated here at its original size of 11″ x 17″, making this a massive tome. Inside its pages you will find legendary adventures that helped to define the genre: Citadel of Fire, Tegel Manor, and Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor. Along with those adventures are the original articles that came with the Judge’s Guild Journal, reproduced here for the first time anywhere. It’s a must-have for hardcore role-playing game fans.

If this seems a little much for your collection, you can also just pick up new editions of those same three classic modules on their own. Citadel of Fire, Tegel Manor, and Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor are joined by The Dark Tower in their own stand-alone books. Each one is an accurate reproduction of the original book, and is accompanied by some new material to help flesh everything out. Each one is a joy unto itself, and reminds you why they have held acclaim for over forty years.

If you missed out on earlier editions, we still might be able to help. We have a limited supply of the 3.5 Editions of some of our Judge’s Guild books, including Citadel of Fire, Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, and The Dark Tower. There are also some of the original convention editions of a few books in our warehouse if you hurry. And finally, there is a small number of our Judge’s Guild apparel in select sizes.

So head on over to your FLGS–and don’t forget to use our handy Retailer Locator–to pick these up. And if you can’t find a shop in your area, remember you can always visit our online store.

Judge's Guild New Release

Judge's Guild Collector's Edition

Judge's Guild Collector's Edition with Slipcase

Judge's Guild Collector's Edition Leatherbound Edition

Judge's Guild: Citadel of Fire Distribution Edition

Judge's Guild: Thieves of Badabaskor Distribution Edition

Judge's Guild: The Dark Tower Distribution Edition

Judge's Guild:
Tegel Manor Distribution Edition

Judges Guild: Thieves of Badabaskor (3.5 edition)

Judges Guild: Citadel of Fire (3.5 edition)

Judge's Guild: The Dark Tower

Judge's Guild: Citadel of Fire Convention Edition

Judge's Guild: Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor Convention Edition

Judge's Guild: The Dark Tower Convention Edition

Judge's Guild: Tegel Manor T-Shirt

Judge's Guild 40th Anniversary T-Shirt

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