New items now available! Plus limited supplies of old favorites!


You want stuff? We got stuff! Both old and new products are now available at our online store and at select retailers around the country. Not sure which retailers are select? Well, that’s why we have our Retailer Locator!

For the newest releases from Goodman Games, you can check out some great new adventures in DCC #91.2: Lairs of Lost Agharta, as well as DCC #93: Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom. And if you missed out on the original—or are a Dungeon Crawl Classics Completist—we have a second printing of DCC #82: Bride of the Black Manse now on sale.

We aren’t going to stop there, though. After shipping out a bunch of product over the last couple months we found some extra copies in the back of the warehouse. If you want one, get it while we still have them! Look for PC Pearls, Points of Light #1, The Random Esoteric Creature Generator, Judges Guild, 3.5 edition, Dark Tower, Judges Guild, 3.5 edition, Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, and Judges Guild, 3.5 edition, Citadel of Fire in our online store. We have a very small quantity of these left, so don’t delay!

There are some other third-party DCC products newly arrived in our online store as well!  Hubris is an exciting and strange new campaign setting. D.A.M.N. Magazine #1 is chocked full of new material for DCC fans. Bride of the Darkened Rider is an adventure module for 3rd-level characters that carries a bit of political intrigue with it. And Crawling Under a Broken Moon #18 is the latest in post-apocalyptic fun!

There is something here for everyone! So head on down to your FLGS, or just click on over to our online store, and find yourself the latest in DCC fun!


Author: pandabrett

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