Hey, Where’s My D5?


Hey, Where’s My D5?

Some customers have recently reported that they found dice missing or duplicated in the DCC dice sets. This post is to let you know that we’re aware of the problem, and we’re fixing it!

First, if you discover any issues of this nature with your dice sets, please notify us. We will gladly send you any missing dice.

You may wonder, how did this happen? Working back with our distributors, we’ve identified a specific incident that caused the dice sets to get a bit scrambled. The warehouse crew at one of our distributors dropped a carton, which shattered some dice tubes and scattered the contents of others. They stuffed all the dice back in the tubes without notifying us. Unfortunately, they didn’t stuff the right dice back into the tubes – and even more unfortunately, they then shipped those dice out to customers and stores!

We’re working with this distribution partner to prevent this from ever happening again, and we’ve searched our inventory for affected tubes to have them re-packed correctly. We think we caught them all. But there may still be a couple bad tubes out there. If you do get a set that’s missing a die, email us and we will get it replaced!

NOTE: This problem ONLY affects the Goodman dice sets, not the Gamescience dice sets!

Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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