More Appendix N Pulp Reprints

More Appendix N Pulp Reprints

New pulp magazine reprints are in our online store now! These replica editions are exact reproductions of classic pulp magazines, many 70+ years old, featuring the original publications of famous works by Robert E. Howard, Leigh Brackett, Gardner Fox, Margaret St. Claire, Stanley Weinbaum, Manly Wade Wellman, and more. These authors added to the fictional canon that eventually inspired D&D (and therefore DCC RPG), and now you can read them in their original published form!

What’s more, these replicas are more affordable than our previous Weird Tales and Strange Tales offerings since they involve a different license! Only $15 each! Get yours today and have the coolest bookshelf in your neighborhood.

Appendix N Pulp Fiction

Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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