Special Offer! Free Vintage Novels!

Special Offer! Free Vintage Novels!

Get a FREE vintage novel with every online store print purchase! As many of you already know, DCC RPG and its many adventures were inspired by the famed “Appendix N” list of fantasy and SF books. Goodman Games recently came into possession of a huge collection of these and other classic paperback novels, and guess what oh Faithful One? Our good fortune is now your good fortune!

Now through the end of February (or until we run out of books), each online store order for print or physical products comes with a free vintage novel. We can’t guarantee that each and every one is from the famed Appendix N list, but if not then they shared the same shelf space with those authors. Heck, with especially large orders we might even throw in TWO novels. Bemused, enthused, and slightly confused — that’s the Goodman Games crew. The Dark Master likes it that way.




Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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