DCC Lankhmar is Coming Soon!

DCC Lankhmar is Coming Soon!

DCC LankhmarWe hope you didn’t spend all your money over the holidays, because DCC Lankhmar is coming in early 2017! We have the license for products based on Fritz Lieber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories, and we’ve been playtesting for nearly three years. DCC Lankhamr is almost ready for the world to see…

If you can’t wait, don’t forget we already have a few Lankhmar products in print:

  • Through Ningauble’s Cave, a book detailing the secrets of Ningauble of the Seven Eyes. It includes rules for using him as a patron, as well as information on his fantastic cave that touches multiple worlds.
  • The Patrons of Lankhmar introduces a half-dozen supernatural powers and eerie entities for use in your DCC RPG or Lankhmar campaign. Each power’s entry includes details on the entity and their role in Nehwon, tables for invoking that power’s aid, corruption charts for when things go wrong, and new spellburn possibilities.
  • Masks of Lankhmar, a 1st level adventure specially designed to start a DCC Lankhmar game set in the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes. It provides the judge with the perfect means to assemble the players and kick off the campaign.


Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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