Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising Charity Module

Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising Charity Module

Louisiana RisingBrendan LaSalle strikes again, this time with an Xcrawl adventure for charity. Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising is a level 3 Xcrawl adventure using DCC RPG rules, and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all sales go to organizations who are helping out the flooded areas of Louisiana!

As you may be aware, the flooding this year in Louisiana has been one of the worst natural disasters in the US during the last few years. The nameless storms in August dumped three times as much rain on the state as Hurricane Katrina did in 2005. There are still a large number of people and pets homeless as a result. Thankfully, organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank and Zeus’ Rescues have been doing phenomenal work in feeding people and rescuing animals. All proceeds from this adventure will be split between these two fantastic groups!

Brendan LaSalle’s family is from the Baton Rouge area. “When I heard about the terrible flooding in Louisiana, the loss of property and life and the terrible destruction,” he says, “I felt the same need that everyone feels – to reach out, to help somehow, to assist. And the idea came to me in a moment. Write an adventure that takes place in the fictional Louisiana of Xcrawl, to benefit the real-world Louisiana. Bring together my love of FRPGs and my wish to help out, and to provide gamers who wanted to help out a way to do so.

George ‘Loki’ Williams and I have discussed writing an Xcrawl adventure together for years. I approached him about the adventure, and he instantly signed on, as did Joseph Goodman as soon as I proposed. Everyone involved donated their time and talents generously and unhesitatingly, and I will always be grateful.”

But beware: Brendan has some words of advice for players of the adventure. “Some might try this adventure expecting it to be less intense and more forgiving, perhaps less lethal, due to the charitable intention that gave rise to its creation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Louisiana Rising is the real thing – absolute Xcrawl mayhem, with danger and death around every corner.”

The adventure is only available in PDF to ensure that literally one hundred percent of the sales can be donated without any printing costs getting in the way. Please help out those in need, share this product with the buttons below, and order yours today.

Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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