Coming Soon for the Holidays! (Sneak Preview)

Coming Soon for the Holidays — Twilight of the Solstice

So the winter holidays are coming and it’s time for another great DCC holiday adventure, right?
But the northern elves’ favorite patron has noticed that you have all been extra good this year, so you get extra presents! In this case, extra presents means that Marc Bruner’s awesome level-4 holiday adventure comes with the latest in innovative RPG scratch-off technology — 6 scratch-off character sheets!

You read that right. This module comes bundled with six random scratch-off character sheets that contain all the hidden stats, weapons, and spells that you need to play in this adventure.


Twilight of the Solstice: A Level 4 Adventure

A conflict at the end of time! On the eve of the winter solstice, long-banished giants from the frozen void strive to complete a ceremony that will cause an endless winter to envelope the world. The adventurers find themselves torn from existence, stripped of not only their equipment, but their very memories, and summoned to the far edge of the world to repair an ancient temple of time. Will you recover your abilities and solve the challenges of the world clock before the end of time itself?

854cf93e-556f-44d4-8766-68527f976574hsd1-ca-comcast-netAn exploration-based adventure taking the characters deep into the icy depths of unknown, Twilight of the Solstice tests the player’s ability to confront the challenges of the harsh winter setting while also unraveling the singular puzzle of their own identity. Faced with limited knowledge and time, only the most crafty – and lucky – can hope to defeat the returned agents of primeval chaos and restore events to their proper course!

Writer: Marc Bruner
Cover art: Doug Kovacs
Scratch-off Character Sheets: The Dark Master and his minions (including Marc Bruner, Stefan Poag, and two different print houses)


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