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Vol 2, Issue 3
Black Friday Sale – up to 40% off!

The Dark Master rewards his followers: now through Monday, November 28th, get diabolical deals in our online store! Get 20% off all print products and 40% off all PDF products!

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about recently in Forgotten Treasure, or to get one of those foil covers you’ve been coveting.

In the PDF store, enter coupon code “blackfriday2016P” to save 40%! It’s a great time to get one of those out-of-print box sets like The Gazetteer of the Known Realms or Castle Whiterock. Or maybe you prefer things even older? Currently in print items are available as PDFs too, if you want to avoid shipping fees!

Need more ideas about how to use your discount? Here you go:


Holiday Module Kickstarter – Limited Time!
The Kickstarter for the 2016 holiday module Twilight of the Solstice is live! Why
are we doing a Kickstarter? Because this adventure has a really cool
(but kind of expensive) feature: scratch off character sheets! The
character sheets tie into a specific mechanic described in the
adventure, and will enhance the play experience significantly as the
players “discover” their characters and recover lost memories by
scratching off the appropriate squares.The Kickstarter will run for a little over a week, and we are prepared to priority ship some copies so they arrive before Christmas! Twilight of the Solstice
is 24 pages long, written by Marc Bruner with cover art and maps by
Doug Kovacs, and interior illustrations by Cliff Kurowski, Doug Kovacs,
and Stefan Poag. The module’s page size is 8.5″x11″. Each module
includes 6 loose-leaf scratch-off character sheets, also measuring
8.5″x11″, illustrated by Stefan Poag.It’s bound to be popular, so pledge early!

Forgotten Treasure is a (more or less) weekly feature on our website where we take an in-depth look at one of our backlist titles, talk to the author, and learn about the things that influenced that product.

In the first issue, we talk to Brendan LaSalle about his DCC RPG funnel Hole in the Sky. Among other things, you will learn the hidden origin of the dwarf Karlos Gend, and you can examine Brendan’s original hand-written notes for the adventure.

The second issue takes a look at DCC #72: Beyond the Black Gate by Harley Stroh. Read about how Harley’s real life influences his adventures, and get some advice on writing for high level characters.

Issue three examines one of the first DCC RPG adventures, The Emerald Enchanter. Joseph Goodman tells about the influences of the adventure, and it is finally revealed how the module came to have a sequel!

Please stop by our website regularly for future issues! Sometimes we’ll discuss more recent backlist titles, and soon we’ll delve deep into the archives of 3E and 4E products!

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