Weird Tales, October 1933 issue (vol. 22, No. 4)


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This is an exact reproduction of the October 1933 edition of Weird Tales. Weird Tales is the legendary “magazine of the bizarre and unusual” that published some of the earliest works of many Appendix N authors. Each issue contained a half-dozen or more stories, many of which are now still in print.

This reproduction is a high-quality scan of the original issue. It is perfect bound and slightly larger than digest size, just as the original publication.

The October 1933 issue is special for several reasons. First, it features beautifully restored cover art by Margaret Brundage. This is one of her most famous covers, the “Bat-Woman” cover illustrating Hugh Davidson’s story “The Vampire Master.”

Second, this issue contains stories by three different Appendix N authors, plus Clark Ashton Smith! The issue contains these stories:

  • The Vampire Master, by Hugh Davidson
  • The Mansion of Unholy Magic, by Seaburn Quinn
  • The Pool of the Black One, by Robert E. Howard
  • The Festival, by H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Plutonian Terror, by Jack Williamson
  • The Seed of the Sepulcher, by Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Black, Dead Thing, by Frank Belknap Long, Jr.
  • Plus additional stories by Merle Prout, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, and others

128 pages, 6.5″ x 10″