Weird Tales, August-September 1936 issue (vol. 28, No. 2)


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This is an exact reproduction of the August-September 1936 edition of Weird Tales. Weird Tales is the legendary “magazine of the bizarre and unusual” that published some of the earliest works of many Appendix N authors. Each issue contained a half-dozen or more stories, many of which are now still in print.

This reproduction is a high-quality scan of the original issue. It is perfect bound and slightly larger than digest size, just as the original publication.

The August-September 1936 issue features Margaret Brundage cover art and includes these stories:

  • The Door into Infinity • Edmond Hamilton • novelette
  • Mask of Death [*Dr. Satan] • Paul Ernst • novelette
  • Werewolf of the Sahara • G. G. Pendarves • novelette
  • The Medici Boots • Pearl Norton Swet • short story
  • Red Nails [Part 2 of 3; *Conan] • Robert E. Howard • novella
  • Death Holds the Post • August W. Derleth & Mark Schorer • short story
  • The Diary of Philip Westerly • Paul Compton • short story
  • In the Dark • Ronal Kayser • short story
  • Four Wooden Stakes • Victor Rowan • short story
  • Lycanthropus • C. Edgar Bolen • verse
  • Swamp Demons • C. A. Butz • verse


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