Weird Tales, April 1926 issue (vol. 7, No. 4)


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This is an exact reproduction of the April 1926 edition of Weird Tales. Weird Tales is the legendary “magazine of the bizarre and unusual” that published some of the earliest works of many Appendix N authors. Each issue contained a half-dozen or more stories, many of which are now still in print.

This reproduction is a high-quality scan of the original issue. It is perfect bound and slightly larger than digest size, just as the original publication.

The April 1926 issue features includes these stories:

  • Wolfshead [*De Montour] • Robert E. Howard • novelette
  • The Outsider • H. P. Lovecraft • short story
  • The Contra-Talisman • George Ballard Bowers • short story
  • The Hooded Death • Joel Martin Nichols, Jr. • short story
  • Out of the Mists of Time • William Benton Frazier • short story
  • Knights of the Red Owl • Elwin J. Owens • short story
  • The Derelict Mine [Part 1 of 3] • Frank A. Mochnant • novella
  • Teeth • Galen C. Colin • short story
  • The Vengeance of India [*Jules de Grandin] • Seabury Quinn • short story
  • The Phantom Drug • A. W. Kapfer • short story
  • The House in the Willows • Sewell Peaslee Wright • short story
  • Duval’s Weird Experiment [*Paul Duval] • F. William Sarles • short story
  • The Mummy’s Foot • Théophile Gautier • short story
  • Things That Are God’s • C. Franklin Miller • short story
  • The Yellow Specter • Stewart Van der Veer • short story
  • The Glacier Lode • Strickland Gillilan • short story
  • On the Dead Man’s Chest [Part 4 of 4] • Eli Colter • novella
  • The Tiger •William Blake • verse

128 pages, 6.5″ x 10″


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