The Devil’s Chapbook


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A Game Designer’s Notebook
Harley has been writing Goodman Games adventures since DCC #17: Doom of the Savage Kings, which is good because he is really slow. Collected herein are bits that distracted him from meeting his deadlines.

Reviewers say this about Harley Stroh’s work:

  • One of the best published adventures. Ever. It fits. You need this. Harley Stroh is surely the latest to take up the banner of a race of romantic dreamers.
    -Bryce Lynch,
  • Why is he doing this? When did Harley start hating freedom/beating his wife?
    -Bryce Lynch,
  • Now THAT is bad ass adventure writing! … not some bullshit power tripping fantasy that the DM has over their campaign world … Yeah Mr DM? How about I just stab your cool ass NPC in the gut? Game Over Man!
    -Bryce Lynch,
  • It’s bizarre. It’s like Stroh has forgotten everything that makes a sucky adventure a sucky adventure.
    -Bryce Lynch,
  • Uh… Wow. EASILY one of the best adventures I’ve seen. It’s also got aspects of a horror adventure and a mystery adventure … both very hard genres to pull off, but done well in this.
    -Bryce Lynch,
  • As if Goodman suddenly said “Hey, all those awesome adventures we’ve been doing? Let’s do some suck-ass ones instead!”
    -Bryce Lynch,
  • Is your soul dead? No? Then why don’t you own this?
    -Bryce Lynch,

Writer: Harley Stroh


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