The Creeps #3


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Classic magazine-format comics in the 70’s style!

A new company called Warrant Publishing is reviving 1970’s-style publications made famous by Warren Publishing with their titles such as Creepy and Eerie, starting with The CreepsThe Creeps is a new magazine showcasing contributors including Frank Frazetta, Jeff Easley, Sanjulian, Ken Kelly, Rich Corben, Alex Nino, Neal Adams, and many others, through a combination of reprints and all-new material.

Goodman Games has brought in a limited supply of The Creeps magazine to our online store. Consider these to be “samples” for you to taste. If you like them, we encourage you to visit The Creeps web site and buy even more!

Please note that The Creeps is not a gaming publication! The contents are short stories in a comic format, published at magazine size. But they consistently deal with fantasy, horror, and monster themes, and we think you find them inspirational for your games.

Preview of The Creeps #3!

Publisher: Warrant Publishing
Cover art: Frank Frazetta
Editor: Rich Sala
Artists this issue: Rich Buckler, Alan Weiss, Jason Paulos, Mikael Bergkvist, Mansyur Daman, Brian Postman, Alex Williamson, Peter Cacho, and Steve Blevins
Writers this issue: Roger McKenzie, Alan Weiss, Artie Godwin, and Neal Adams/Mikael Bergkvist