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It’s time to start earning your swag! Once again Dungeon Crawl Classics calls to the faithful to bring 1974 gaming to the masses! Join the Road Crew and help us spread the good news: gaming is awesome again!

The Goodman Games 2018 World Tour is now officially up and running! Run games for any of the Goodman Games product lines and get cool stuff like bookmarks, dice, dice bags, character sheet pads, the coveted belt buckle, and so much more!

Will you join us as in our quest to own the roads and dominate the landscape? Organize, advertise, and judge a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics this year at a public venue. Run your game at a convention, game day event, FLGS event, local watering hole, or school gaming club. Join our Road Crew!

And what’s in it for you, besides your opportunity to ride with us forever through a thousand insane worlds? Swag! That’s right — the more games you run, the more neat stuff we send your way. Plus of course your name joins the other Immortals in the Road Crew.

PLEASE NOTE: Several Road Crew swag items will ship separately from other items due to the size of packing boxes, the postage rates for printed paper stuff versus other stuff, or odd shapes (like posters). Even when combined in one order, your swag may arrive in separate shipments.

How does it work?

Simply run a game in a public venue, then order a Road Crew Pack using the pull-down menu provided. Each time you run a game, order another pack. You’ll get continually greater rewards! And the swag packs are free so long as you tell us all about your public venue game. Shipping is even free for US residents. (International customers get the swag for free but have to pay shipping. Canada shipping is $10, and International shipping is $20.)

REQUIREMENTS: Your Road Crew 2018 game must be a physical game in a public venue (game store, convention, library, or even a bar), and it must be advertised or promoted in some fashion — anything from flyers to social media.

You must include the event date, time, and place in the Order Notes section (under Additional Information) of your Road Crew swag order for your order to process. Orders without this information will not be processed.

What games can I run? Although the road crew is focused on DCC RPG, any Goodman Games product counts. Metamorphosis AlphaXcrawlMutant Crawl Classics, heck even DragonMech!

Get Online Famous!

Send game recaps and photos of your Road Crew 2018 games to Road Crew Overlord Brendan LaSalle, and we may use your reports in future Worlds Tour 2018 publicity on this very website and social media.

Tell me about the swag!

Gladly! We’ve got swag for both members of the Road Crew and for Retailers looking to promote DCC!

Retailers! Here’s what you can get:


DCC/MCC Bookmarks and DCC Quick Start Rules!

Road Crew! Here’s what you can get:

World Tour Game 1: 4-up 0-level character sheet pad and DCC or MCC bookmarks!


World Tour Game 2: Custom DCC Judges Screen and a DCC die cut sticker!

This special Road Crew Judges Screen is designed to complement the standard DCC Judges Screen. It has some additional tables that you won’t encounter as often as the ones on the main screen, but which are still handy: wizard spells with level and page number, cleric spells with level and page number, disapproval, and crit tables II and III. The Road Crew Judges Screen is available exclusively through the Road Crew program!


World Tour Game 3: Five character sheet pocket folders!


World Tour Game 4: 10 DCC dice (including the infamous D+C+C set of d6s) and five satin dice bags!


World Tour Game 5: Five DCC stadium cups with Doug Kovacs art on them!


World Tour Game 6: Six No.2 DCC or MCC pencils!


World Tour Game 7: A spiral notebook for DCC or MCC!


World Tour Game 8: Five mechanical pencils for the players!


World Tour Game 9: A special pen just for the judges!


World Tour Game 10: The most-requested swag item ever — your very own Dead stamp!


World Tour Game 11: A leather dice bag for the judge!


World Tour Game 12: The all-new 2018 belt buckle for the judge!


World Tour Games 13+: And at the end of the year, all judges who run 13+ games will get their own custom golden Judge pin, just like the Goodman Games judges wear at Gen Con! NOTE: Custom badges will be produced at the end of the year and ship in January or February of 2019.


World Tour Game 14 bonus: This year we gave out Take a Penny Trays for Free RPG Day, and we’re also offering them to our Road Crew! If you run a 14th Game we will give you TWO of these trays: one for you and one for your store! 

Quick Start Rules! Order up to six to give away at events!

Black Light Posters! With five or more games run, you can order a pair of our Blacklight Posters—one for you and one for your store!

What About The T-Shirt? And yes we have T-shirts! You can buy a T-shirt for the World Tour in our online store!


Need ribbons for a convention game? You can get those too!


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Road Crew 2018

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