Pulp Cover Gallery #3: Weird Menace


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This 139-page volume includes color scans of 154 issues of Dime Wonder, 5 issues of 15 Mystery Stories, and 51 issues of Terror Tales. This covers runs starting in 1932 and ending in 1949. The book includes an introduction by Neal Mechem and a complete index of the issues, with publication date and cover artist. The artists include Walter M. Baumhofer, Tom Lovell, Gloria Stoll, John Newton Howitt, and others. All art is in color. Some covers are depicted as a full page while others are galleries of several covers to a page.

Only 300 copies of this book were produced. Each copy is hand-numbered. The book is bound in real leather, and the cover features a color sticker which varies from one copy to another.

Published by: Girasol Collectibles.