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In Nowhere City, power-mad Sorcerers battle the righteous Gutter Knights for the final fate of Humanity, while selfish Free Agents seek to profit from the conflict.

The End Times are near!   The only question is which of the dark Patrons of Chaos will finally conquer what’s left of the Earth… and which side will YOU be on?

Nowhere City Nights is a 21st Century urban RPG setting for use with Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying game!

This book contains: Three DCC classes customized for Nowhere City, three new sorcerous patrons, Nowhere City setting information, urban adventure plot hooks, modern weapons, vehicle chase rules and a short bestiary of new monsters for DCC RPG!

Order-of-the-Quill-logoPublished by: Order of the Quill

Written by: Julian Bernick
Art by: Spencer Amundsen, Jack Kotz
Additional contributors: Jon Carnes, Clint Bohaty


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