Mutant Mayhem Minis – Flower


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A 28mm pewter figurine perfect for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG.

This high-quality figurine is cast in lead-free pewter. It is supplied unpainted, and some assembly is required. Model comes in a blister pack as one piece with a separate base.

Flower is a shaman, with a psychic connection to the Ancient AI known as GAEA. This connection gives Flower access to incredible powers, but also affects her body, giving her bark-like skin on her arms and legs, and literal flowers growing in her hair.

The Mutant Mayhem Minis line of figures was designed for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, but also go great with DCC or any game that uses 28mm minis. Playable character stats for Flower can be found in the Mutant Mayhem Minis Character Folio.

Female Pure Strain Human Shaman.

Sculptor: Andrew K. Barlow