FT 1: Creeping Beauties of the Wood


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One of those who used the area was the wizard Mortmallion the Pale, who stole the Whispering Stone from Elfland. He hid himself and the stone in the Silent Nightfall complex, but the weird energies coming up from below changed him. Mortmallion can still be found, deep below, as the shaft crawler. Over time, the Whispering Stone became confused with the area where it is now found, and some texts refer to it as “Silent Nightfall” without making it clear why the stone has this name.

Currently, they are used as the nesting ground of owl-like humanoids that call themselves the grallistrix. Incubating their eggs in the Silent Nightfall complex has changed them, and they have become dangerous nocturnal predators in the region. The grallistrix hunt in triads, and locate prey by an extraordinary sense of hearing. As a result, communities nearby observe unexpected quiet at night – there are no late night gatherings. Inns and taverns close their doors with the


The faerie tales of old have been conveniently ‘cleaned up’ from the days of old, when witches were considerably less beautiful, and being woken from a death-like sleep by Love’s First Kiss usually resulted in- more death.  Big Bad Wolves, Tin Woodsmen, animated trees, Talking Animals- all just a little more creepy that we remember as children.  But the rewards are great, as well… marrying the princess, gaining the throne, and gold and wealth, too!  Explore the macabre wares of the Goblin Market, the Grave of the Sorcerer, the Elf Mound, and many more fascinating phenomena from anceint faerie tales.  But don’t leave the path…

The FT 1: Creeping Beauties of the Woods is an exciting level 1 adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics, and the module package includes:

Continued adventuring from FT0: Prince Charming, Reanimator

The Dark Woods of the Three Undead Brides, with wilderness encounter tables

Expanded information for Doctor Chapman as a Patron

New statistics for another fearsome Patron, Hizzzgrad, Daemonic Lord of Crawling Things, with Invoke Patron list, patron taint, spellburn, and three new patron spells

New player character class: Faerie animals!

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purple-duck-logoPublished by: Purple Duck Games
Written by: Daniel J. Bishop