Dispatches from the Raven Crowking V.4


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More Dispatches from the Crowking — In the Depths of the Megadungeon!

“All about them as they lay hung the darkness, hollow and immense, and they were oppressed by the loneliness and vastness of the dolven halls and endlessly branching stairs and passages. The wildest imaginings that dark rumour had ever suggested to the hobbits fell short of the actual dread and wonder of Moria.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Megadungeons are a treasured tradition in fantasy role-playing games, from their humble entrances at the top, perhaps guarded by a few grubby goblins, to the ultimate power of evil festering at the very bottom – the twentieth level!  In between, a host of horrors, ecosystems, and, hopefully, a bit of golden reward for our adventurers.  Think you can’t create a megadungeon of your own, that the only recourse is to spend your gold on someone else’s?  Look no further than Dispatches of the Raven Crowking IV- Megadungeons and Campaigns, the fourth installment from Daniel J. Bishop and published by Purple Duck Games.  This great issue discusses the literary background of megadungeons (the beloved J.R.R. being one of them), selecting themes and monsters to populate your dungeon, treasures and encounters, and a great list of evocative example areas that can give you ideas to confound, support, or help destroy would-be adventurers.

This product is completely Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible and inspired by Appendix N reading lists, and is a great addition to your fantasy gaming library, coming from the mind of a top-notch game and supplement writer.  Get Daniel J. Bishop’s Dispatches of the Raven Crowking IV- Megadungeons and Campaigns, from the delving describers at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!

Daniel J. Bishop, aka Raven Crowking, is the author of Bone Hoard of the Dancing HorrorPrince Charming ReanimatorThe Dread God Al-KhazadarThree Nights in Portsmouth, and more. Now he shares his tips for designing and running adventures with you!


purple-duck-logoPublished by: Purple Duck Games
Written By:
Daniel J. Bishop