The Giggling Deep


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A setting element to help create a rich campaign environment for DCC games of all levels

The Giggling Deep describes an underground location with unique properties that will draw wizards and elves back again and again. Other character types may find things of interest to them. The Goremera offers a unique combat challenge, and warriors may be tracking the beast to avenge its victims. Thieves are given three potential prizes – the Goremera’s hoard, a shrine to loot, and a creature whose cooked flesh aids in combating poisons. Clerics of the Hidden Lord may need to reach His shrine to achieve some quest. Clerics of opposed deities may be sending their minions to destroy it. Giving multiple PCs different (and sometimes contradictory!) purposes in entering the region results in the most fun.

purple-duck-logoPublished by: Purple Duck Games
Written By:
Daniel J. Bishop
Art By: Jacob Blackmon


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