Crawling Under a Broken Moon #4


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Welcome to the forth issue of Crawling Under A Broken Moon, a fanzine dedicated to bringing gonzo post apocalyptic content for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.

In this issue you will discover the following:

  • A trio of new Patrons of Umerica
    • The Earth Brain of the Cyberhive
    • Kizz, the mighty intergalactic god of Rock and Roll
    • Theszolokomodra, the thousand headed multi-dimensional space Hydra
  • And a new type of Patron: the Patron Object!

SOFS_LogoPublished by: Shield of Faith Studios
Written by: Reid San Filippo
Art by: Frank Turflier Jr, Todd McGowan, James Yoder, and Claytonian JP

Zine format, 24 pages