Classic Dungeon Crawl Art Folio – Stefan Poag


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Stefan Poag’s classic dungeon crawl illustrations for Goodman Games stand out for best conveying a single message: “This guy plays D&D.” Every picture he draws has a sense of classic D&D imbued within it.

Certain D&D scenes have a literal meaning that any artist can capture, and a figurative reality that only a gamer would understand. A thief detecting a trap? Stefan captures the surprise, terror, and hidden danger in such a scene. A cleric turning undead? Stefan captures his righteous fury. Weird creatures and strange places? Stefan illustrates them as a gamer would: nooks and crannies you want to explore, and strange histories waiting to be discovered.

Goodman Games is proud to present an art folio that collects some of Stefan’s most inspirational work. This volume collects the black-and-white art that Stefan has completed for the Dungeon Crawl Classics line over the last decade. A sense of adventure pervades every picture. You will want to explore every scene.


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