Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles from the Warden, Volume 2


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Stories from James M. Ward’s Metamorphosis Alpha – the word’s first Science Fiction RPG.

608 pages of sci-fi tales. A vast starship, a virtual world in itself, carrying colonists, livestock, and the flora and fauna of Terra is struck by a cloud of unknown radiation while en route to a distant star. Chaos reigns when the radiation kills most of the crew, and in the ensuing madness, the knowledge of what the ship is and where its destination lies is lost to the survivors – and there are many survivors. Intelligent mutated animals and plants now populate the vessel, and these compete or perhaps cooperate with the humans aboard.

In METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA, you are aboard the stricken starship and struggling to survive, trying to gain knowledge of the strange devices and mechanical apparatus of the vessel, attempting to learn the secrets of the strange “world” you inhabit…

Fourteen stories that help bring the world of METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA alive. Led by James M. Ward, the game’s original creator, enter the starship Warden, and through the eyes of the authors, enjoy the adventures of the bold as they struggle to complete their quests to understand what their “world” is all about.

Published by: Craig Martelle

Written by: James M. Ward, Craig Martelle, Alex Bates, Scott Moon, Valerie Emerson, Stephen A. Lee, Bob Brinkman, Scott King, Christopher Clark, Craig J. Brain, E.E. Isherwood, Thomas J. Rock, Steve Peek, and Bill Patterson
Art by: Cover Art by Jeff Brown, Interior Art by Artem Shukayev
Formatted by: James Osiris Baldwin