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A Faceless Enemy


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Hired to escort a caravan to an old fortress. Our heroes get a horrible glimpse of the past.

In the ruined City-State of Uruk, many secrets of the past were buried along with its people. Now all that stands is rubble and the bones of the victims of a devastating attack from the abyss. Now, many years later heroes are hired to escort a caravan across the Dol Minor Wastelands to the old fortress of Harkanis Bek. The road is perilous and the supplies being carried are desperately needed by those in need… one of the last orders of Valarek, The Knights of Tal Abastion. This seemingly simple task embroils the adventurers in an epic struggle as war rages across the wastelands and gives them a horrible glimpse of the past.

This adventure is suited for 4–8 DCC characters of 5th level. Tales from the Fallen Empire is not needed for play but explains more of the setting’s backstory and history.

logoPublished by: Chapter 13 Press

Written by: Oscar Rios
Art by: Pierre Carles, Michael Lavoie, Ben Morgan


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