Finally played a session!

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Finally played a session!

Post by stevenoshea »

Hi All,
I finally played a session of ERP and I must say, it was a lot of fun. I took a friend on a solo adventure (though I did add an NPC). I used "A Dark and Stormy Knight" free adventure from Wizards. Conversion was fairly simple.
I must say, PCs are very tough! Weaker fodder type monsters seem to not be able to even touch PCs. I guess that is sort of the point, but there seemed to be a lack of real danger. Still, it is great for story telling. I love the flow of combat; easy to visualize and definitely not a boring, "I roll a 5, miss. I roll a 9, miss." I really like the Potential Harm aspect to Eldritch.
Story line wise, this will be a challenging PC to use in Role-Playing (the NPC died). My friend decided to take "mute" as a disadvantage (complete with a cool background for why he is mute), so it is interesting to see how he tries to communicate with NPCs in the game world.

For anyone interested, here is a link where you can download "A Dark and Stormy Knight". ... ISO-8859-1 edit: fixed link.

Try it using ERP. It is much more fun. Also note: because characters seem to be tougher in ERP, you may need to adjust the difficulty if you are taking a group through this adventure.

That's all for now.
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Re: Finally played a session!

Post by dancross »

I'm glad you had fun! Combat moves very quickly in the game, but without sacrificing a sense of depth and interplay. "Fodder" creatures are just that; cannon fodder. Minions, grunts, whatever you call them. Up the ante with standard creatures (with an average of 2D in primary attack form), or exceptional (with an average of 3D in primary attack form).

Still, creatures can get VERY nasty...see the new monsters article as proof! :D

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