Improvable Racial Advantages

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Improvable Racial Advantages

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Improvable Racial Advantages

Unlike the core advantages, these ones can be improved with Character Points, just like any other ability.
They function like any other ability, but they are limited to a single tier of ADC. (However, clever GMs could easily add more tiers…)

Dark Vision: creatures with this advantage start at a d4 ability. Normally, for any ability that is being tested in dark conditions, creatures must replace their highest dice in the ability chain with a d0 (no dice)*. However, creatures with Dark Vision may use their Dark Vision ability die as the replacement die. A large Dark Vision die may even be greater than the die it is replacing – representing the creatures superior senses in dark conditions.

* I could not find a "darkness" rule in the core book, so I made this one up.

Example: Dirk is trying to climb a building at night. Normally, he would use Climbing (d6) > Man-made Surface (d4) > Building (d4). But in dark conditions he would have to replace his highest die (Climbing at d6) with a d0, so he would roll d0+d4+d4, or basically 2d4.
But if Dirk had Dark Vision d8, he would replace the highest die with a d8 instead. Making it d8+d4+d4.

Rocky Blending: creatures with this advantage start at a d4 ability. When in a rocky/underground setting, this ability can replace any die in the Stealth, Scouting and Survival ADC's (even untrained tiers in the chain).

Example: Dirk the dwarf wants to hide from the orcs chasing him. He spots a rock outcropping and hides. Normally he would use his Stealth d6 ability (he does not have any specializations or masteries). However, he also has the Rocky Blending advantage at d4. He can replace his untrained specialization tier with the d4. He would roll d6+d4.

Forest Movement: creatures with this advantage start at a d4 ability. While in a woodlands setting, this ability can replace any die (even untrained tiers in the chain) in the: Agility, Climbing, and Reflexes ADCs.
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Re: Improvable Racial Advantages

Post by mythfish »

Cool, I actually came up with something similar that I've been working on. Actually your way might be slightly more elegant than mine too. Great minds think alike!
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Re: Improvable Racial Advantages

Post by orcface »

Excellent work, and thanks for sharing!
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Re: Improvable Racial Advantages

Post by dancross »

Very nice ;-)

Tiered effects and powers are fun to create!

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