Help with Into the Boarderlands Maps

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Help with Into the Boarderlands Maps

Post by JamesBeadle »

I just purchased into the Boarderlands and am just beginning to read through it in preparation for a new campaign that will start this Summer. Immediately I have a problem, the maps. The book is too unwieldy to reference the maps while just reading the keyed encounters, let alone doing so while actually playing. Has GGames made available pdfs of the updated maps somewhere? I want to do this right, not go out and look for pirated material. I suppose I could photocopy them from the book, and will do this if needed, but would rather have a good digital copy of them if that is available somewhere.

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Re: Help with Into the Boarderlands Maps

Post by GnomeBoy »

It's come down from on high one way or another that the contract with Wizards doesn't allow for PDFs (which had been part of the original intent).

So, beyond GG's control, there are sadly no PDFs available for the Original Adventures Reincarnated series...
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Re: Help with Into the Boarderlands Maps

Post by Johnny_F_Normal »

A little bit of google-fu will turn up the maps.
Or you could acquire a 'play copy' of B2 from the usual suspects.
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