How Different are the 3pp Barbarian classes?

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How Different are the 3pp Barbarian classes?

Post by Nyarlathotep5150 »

Hi all. I have a question about the different 3pp barbarian classes. Basically, my question is, are they significantly different enough to be worth having multiple versions. I ask because I am looking at picking up D.A.M.N. #1, but the barbarian is the thing I am mostly interested in from it (I have a backlog of adventures right now so I don't need those yet). I already have Tales From the Fallen Empire however. So, is it worth picking up D.A.M.N. as well or not?
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Re: How Different are the 3pp Barbarian classes?

Post by Zargon »

As the writer for that class, it would not be assuming to expect a conflict of impartiality, however I remain quite proud of the work I did, and as far as Barbarians in DCC, it is my belief that the D.A.M.N. edition sets the bench mark from which all further barbarian classes shall be measured. :)
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Re: How Different are the 3pp Barbarian classes?

Post by redherringj »

I'd have to agree with the above. I recently added the barbarian as an accepted class to the game and I read over DAMN, Crawl's Orc Class (barbarian-y), and the one from Fallen Empire or whatever it is called, and DAMN's is so streamlined and easy to understand that it's really no contest.
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Re: How Different are the 3pp Barbarian classes?

Post by JediOre »

I just wish the editors and owner had selected a different name for the magazine. I can't in good conscience allow a magazine with that name to be in my home. :(
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