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Author:  dan.frohlich [ Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  Freelance Theives

I've started running a Lankhmar game and I'm 4 sessions is. The PCs have encountered and soundly defeated several small teams of Guild thieves at this point. One of the PC is an Accepted Guild Thief. Another player is joining us and he also wants to play a Freelancer but does not have the _Accepted Freelance Thief_ Bennison so that got me thinking...

How does the guild deal with PC Thieves (Freelancers and otherwise)?

The Bennison _Accepted Freelance Thief_ give a guideline for a thief with that Benison.

How do I deal with a PC thief who wants to join the guild?
* Does the guild get a cut of every job similar to the A.F.T.?
* Does the guild require flat dues?
* Does the guild require service hours ( guarding Thieves house, other duties)
* Does the guild provide jobs?

How Do I deal with Freelancers who are not accepted?
* How much trouble does a PC have to generate before he catches the attention of the Guild?
* How does the Guild typically respond to Freelancers?

Does the guild treat PCs of other classes any differently?

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