Original Adventures Reincarnated #2 - Isle of Dread

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Original Adventures Reincarnated #2 - Isle of Dread

Post by bluekabuto » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:15 pm

So we've all heard the news - that Goodman Games will release their version of Isle of Dread for 5E.

It was a nice announcement, but not much information was given. So I am here to ask the tough questions.... :)

Tentative release: Nov 2018, or is this more like Feb 2019?

So will this #2 Isle of Dread version include the all the various printings throughout the years or will it be just a straight 5E conversion?

Will it contain any background history notes, etc?

Will it include any other additional modules? (ie. X2 Castle Amber)

Since the Isle of Dread contains a map of the known world (Mystara), will any additional information be given on the various gazzeteers? (Karameikos, Yularm, Darokin, etc.) - or is that in the works?

Page count? / Hard cover? If this is only one module with no previous versions, I would expect this to be a saddle stitched product and not a hard cover. The #1 version was stellar and certainly a hard act to follow. Hopefully it will be just a great!

JoeG mentioned that he wants to see the numbers go up to #11, so what's the next release?Will it still be within the "expert" X series or will it jump to Companion series? ^_^

Ok, that's all for now. inquiring minds want to know, ya know...


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