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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:24 am 
Cold-Hearted Immortal
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TerraGoetia wrote:
Bilgewriggler wrote:
Do Brandybland and Toby have an ability to communicate or a sense of each other’s intentions?

They can sense each other's intentions while standing on the pedestal together.

...And I'm just floating what Toby's doing out there. It's totally subject to other ideas, especially if our characters have some kind of telepathy going on...

PbP being what it is, I just think making a statement, subject to amendment, is clearest.

Gnome Boy • DCC playtester @ DDC 35 Feb '11. • Beta DL 2111, 7AM PT, 8 June 11.
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PbP Purple Planeteers!

Havarth • Cleric/Zikcub • Animal trainr • L
S11 A11 S9 P15 I9 L7
AC10, HP12, R0 F1 W2
Glaive+0 1-10
Club+0 1-4
X' chain, sack
Bless, Dtct Ev, Prot fm Evil, Word oCmmnd

Lucius • Cleric/Verlore • Slave • N
S13 A11 S8 P15 I11 L11
AC10+, HP6, R0 F0 W2
Sword+1 _
Club+1 2-5
Hide armor, flint/steel, green stone, oil 1
Crit table +1
Dark, Holy Sanct, Resist Cold/Heat, Word o Cmmnd

Toby • Squire
S13 A10 S14 P15 I16 L9
AC10+, hp3, R0 F1 W1
Lg swrd+1 2-9
Scale armor, sack, helm, L’ rope, torch • Com, Chaos, Hobgob

Kelven • Smuggler
S14 A8 S11 P12 I7 L10
AC9+, hp2(4), In-1, R-1 F0 W0
Sword+1 _
Staff+1 or Sling -1 2-5
Scale armr, waterprf sack, L’ rope, torch, 39cp

Stinky Pete, Ostler — Spine snapped by tackling Kith

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:08 pm 
Mighty-Thewed Reaver
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The kith snap into combat stance at the sound of the creature stirring and draw weapons: Beega his spear and Arvis a trusty flint knife. They glance quickly to Nurzual to gauge his readiness

Arvis (l) kith mapper/Grub
Str9(0) Agi11(0) Sta13/15(+1) Per11/12(0) Int12(0) Luc17(+2) AC10 HP15 att+1 1d10/III flint knife(x2)+3(1d4+2) or club+1(1d6) Spd30 Init0 R+1 F+2 W+0
chest w/ flask, mushroom bits(x4), ebon fruit, hand-sized mirror, thick leather & ink (att w/spear, javelin, axe+2;att&dmg w/flint knife+2) Planetary Common
Beega the Butcher (l) kith stonecutter/Grub
Str4(-2) Agi12(0) Sta14(+1) Per7(-1) Int8(-1) Luc11(0) AC10 HP10 att+1 1d10/II stone axe-1(1d6-2) or flint spear-1(1d8-2) Spd30 Init0 R+1 F+2 W-1
stone tools, empty flask, large sack w/Ythothian head, Hag's head, hagflesh Planetary Common

Wilderness Survivor+1, Force of Will burn d2
Darag DEAD laid down her life for the honor of her pack...
Kolo DEAD struck down battling that which is an abomination in the eyes of the Masters...
Moarbanez DEAD -died gloriously cleft in twain by a glaive...

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:23 pm 
Deft-Handed Cutpurse

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Brandybland will attempt to assist Toby in his efforts to bring the ship down slowly.

Nurzual will say, in Planetary Common basic, “Perhaps we should try, you know, talking to them first. Just being careful not to eat any seeds they might try to entice us to eat.”

Then he says to the rousing Ytothian, “Can you hear us?”

Qort attempts to find a bucket or container to collect the zombie juice in.

Purple Planeteers:

Jingles Coinclink, Halfling, hag-hacked into haggis

Nurzual the Faceter – M Jwlr - Wiz - L
S 12 A 8 (-1) S 9 P 11 I 15 (+1) L 10
AC 9 HP 6 Mv 30 Init -1 Ref 0 Fort 0 Will 1
Chalk 1pc, 20 gp Gem, Backpack, 10’ chain, 10 sheets parchment, Kith pouch, small hammer, ray-gun, Rope 50', 5gp 10sp 274 cp
shortsword +0(1d6)
Ch Psn (no MM), Clr Spr 65, Force Manip 81, Rd Mag 12, Spidr Cl 69
Pl.Common (basic)

Snooth Inksplot Scribe RIP under cave-in, a crushing loss

Qort Quiddlegit M Hlr - Cler - N(C?)
S 11 temp 14 (+1) A 11 temp 14 (+1) S 6 (-1) P 5 (-2) I 6 (-1) L 5 (-2)
AC 10 temp 11 HP 8 Mov 30 Init 0 Ref t+1 Fort 0 Will -1
club +0 (1d4+1t) - hand mirror, holy wtr, wtrskin Kith drink 12 oz drunk, 31 cp
-2 Ms fire damage
Det Magic

Brandybland Shoetree F Coblr N
S 10 A 9 S 10 P 8 (-1) I 9 L 9
AC 14 HP 1 Mov 30 Init 0 Ref 0 Fort 0; Will -1
gldtr glaive +0 (1d10) - gldtr ch mail - Fe spike, shoehorn, 48 cp
Prof: dagger

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:07 pm 
Wild-Eyed Zealot
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FLGS: Y2Komics, GenerationX, Geek Out
(I’m gonna pass this turn to keep things running, don’t have much to add at the moment, just waiting to see how everything plays out)

PbP Purple Planeteers

Duke - Wizard C Trapper
S12(11) A9 S9 P16(2) I17(2) L14(1) AC 10 HP 4 Mov 30
Init 0 Ref +1 Fort 0 Will +3 SP +3 crit 1d6/I +1 Spell Dam
{Enlarge (93) — Sleep (66&81) — Color Spray (90)}
{Patron Bond (32-sun) — Invoke Patron (70) — Find Familiar (25)}
{Chill Touch (69&86) — Lang: PC (beg) dragon, hobgoblin, chaos}
Glad chain mail (+/-4) (not worn) Torch, Flint and Steel, 25cp

Blackthorn - Thief N Hunter
S9 A13 S11 P7(1) I16(2) L9 AC 11 HP 7 Mov 25 Init +1
Ref +2 Fort +1 Will -1 Crit 1d10/II Luck Die D3
{Backstab 0 Sneak 4 Hide 2 Pick Pockets 4}
{Climb 4 Pick Locks 2 Find Traps 3 Disable Traps 2 Forge 4}
{Disguise -1 Read Lang 2 Handle Poison 0 Spell/Scroll D12+2}
Lang: Neutral, cant, halfling
Glad scale mail (+/-3) (not worn) Glad 2H Sword (1d10)
Backpack, Flask, Badger Pelt, Skin Cloak, 20sp, 65 cp

Kettering (RIP) skewered on a Kith Spear
Leibgott (RIP) Asphyxiated on his own blood
Thelonious (RIP) - Kith spear through his tiny halfling heart

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