Tower out of Time follow-up adventures?

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Tower out of Time follow-up adventures?

Post by Ddogwood » Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:40 am

So my party completed the Tower out of Time last night. They managed to stop the great evil, kind of - they used some divination magic to ask if S’lissakk survived his "landing" beyond the horizon, and I said "yes."

Now, they won't likely encounter him/her/it again for some time, but I would LOVE some help to figure out what S’lissakk is doing in far-off lands. I expect that he/she/it will build some kind of tower or fortress, and possibly start reconquering the lands around the area. I also think it is likely that S’lissakk will eventually figure out that the PCs were the ones responsible for destroying the beacon and ruining the planned landing.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas that they can share with me about how to follow this up? Ideally, it'll be something I can spring on the PCs a while down the road, when they won't be expecting it. If there's a suitable adventure or adventure location that could be modified to be S’lissakk's new lair, that would be awesome too. Thanks!

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Re: Tower out of Time follow-up adventures?

Post by TallGoblin » Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:29 pm

I came here to ask this very thing. I was thinking about trying to write up Slissak's ship as a dungeon. If things go a certain way it could be the very next adventure.

Has anyone done this or have suggestions?

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