chronicle of our 4 month old DCC party.

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chronicle of our 4 month old DCC party.

Post by glendy »

i have played with the same group every monday for 4 months. started with the pdf rules and now own the gold foil copy. love it. our DM does write ups but i also draw a picture portraying the funniest, most action packed, or most dramatic moment from the game. i have been doing this for a while and only sharing it on google plus. but i figured it would be appreciated here to. alas i will start updating this thread with each DM rundown and the pic i drew for it. starting with this one.

Glendy used her "attributes" to flirtatiously distract the guards of Kregs prison cart. Meanwhile the rest of the team brainstormed on how they would bust Kreg out. Suddenly out of nowhere Taberny's dormant psionic abilities made themself known by transporting him into the prison to converse with Kreg face to face. Unfortunately for Taberny his skill level in psionics was still in its infancy causing him to be able to transport nothing more than his own being. That meant while Taberny would be making an appearance in Kreg's cell, his clothes would not. Nonetheless, Kreg kept his composure and Taberny was able to procure information on where a sword contingent to completion of our current quest was being stored.

NOTE - our DM is currently writing rules for psionics in DCC
you can follow his free to use psionic rules here ->

here is the DMs write up as well -

The cleric let her head by trepanned by a mind flayer. Somehow, this did not end horribly. She learned the secret history of the illithids and how they are mankind's best, brightest hope of a Cthulhu future. She also has to go to a cthulhu temple and respect their genticle ways.

A robot was discovered in a closet, but nobody had a battery handy.

Ways were researched on how to bind an angel, as the illithid is rather tight-tentacled on the killing one permanently thing.

The monastic order of mysteries is no longer receptive to adventurers, after the wizard pull some pallbearers to sleep just for the hell of it. Tensions were already high when a rogue angel necessitated some funerals and no damn treasure was brought up from dungeons. They probably won't be happy about their missing silver-wear either.

Pirates like talking sh*t when they are in a boat in a river and you are way up on a bridge.

The caravan and entourage of Thegn Termagen has arrived in town to check up on the quest they gave the now-retired-to-NPChood Kreg. As Kreg didn't manage to clean out #tegel manor, and totally started to live like a pimp anyway, they have put him into irons and are currently keeping him in a covered wagon.

The thief, who has been talking to giant stone heads recently, burned through a lot of brains to teleport naked into said wagon while the guards acted all manly and impressive to a crazy punk chick running interference. They will totally meet her at the tavern later tonight. The thief is also a bit down on his luck. He managed to escape, but is all covered with mud and having wardrobe malfunctions.

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Re: chronicle of our 4 month old DCC party.

Post by IronWolf »

Sounds like fun! I have been following some of this campaign via the write-ups that hit Google+!
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Re: chronicle of our 4 month old DCC party.

Post by sheriffharry »

Lot of weird things going on there!
Can you give us an outline of the campaign's plot/setting?
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Re: chronicle of our 4 month old DCC party.

Post by claytonian »

DM here.

From my perspective, the campaign consisted of
Running away from Portal Under the Stars
Finding treasure in The Wandering Trees
And avoiding conquering Tegel Manor because the players found a treasure map that revealed an ancient, sealed evil.

But who knows what the players experienced? I'm rather zen about the whole thing.
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