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Variant Warrior class inspired by Dark-Sun
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Author:  turtlejet [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Variant Warrior class inspired by Dark-Sun

Hopefully it is ok to link to a blog-post. . . I couldn't figure out how to replicate the tables with BBcode.

This is my homage the Mul from Dark-Sun, which is part of a bunch of home-brew classes I'm putting together for a Dark-Sun "with the serial numbers filed off" campaign I'm preparing.

Author:  Murlynd [ Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Variant Warrior class inspired by Dark-Sun

You're using the setting's old working title of War World. Neat. The original concept of the game, while it was under that working title, didn't include the old standard AD&D races or monsters. Might be an interesting route to go. So, include only the classes and races that were new, dropping the old classes and races or the variants of them, with seven classes total.

Men & Women Classes

Racial Classes

Just how I would do it.

You have the Mul done with the the Shiv (Mul) class!
Thoughts about the write-up.

Skills: Maybe throw some Dark Sun specific occupation names in there.

Weapon Training: All weapons? Maybe make a list that includes some of the Dark Sun weapons rather than all. Perhaps list the weapons they can do their special attack moves (precise attacks, study opponent, Counter Attack).

Ignore Pain and Enhanced healing together seem like a lot of extra health, but maybe when viewed how the other classes get written up they will look ok. There are some downsides to the class (bred to serve). So maybe that is enough of a trade off. Something to double check I suppose.

Precise attacks: Do the bonuses from Agility stack with any strength bonus, or is it which ever is higher?

Study Opponent: Does this work for shiv wearing any armor?

Tables look good. Maybe reserve the title gladiator in the chaotic level progression for the class.

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